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Advocacy is about standing up to an injustice, or addressing concerns about a particular issue. All of us find it difficult, at times, to get our voice heard about decisions or actions that affect our own lives or the lives of someone we care about, this is where advocacy is important. By meeting together to discuss common concerns or issues, carers can work together to have their voices heard and to contribute to developing policy and good practice.

How we can help

Edinburgh Carers Council facilitates collective advocacy groups for carers. The groups offer carers;

  • Key information and knowledge about conditions and services which focuses on recovery.
  • An opportunity to share their individual experiences and to hear from others.
  • Discussion on their own mental health and wellbeing and how this can be supported.
  • Invited speakers and researchers to offer detailed information about current developments in mental health
  • The opportunity to take forward collective issues at local NHS and Local Authority level and at National level through conferences and other events.

Carers Forum

Please see our Carers Forum page for more details.

Raising Awareness

We also are involved in raising awareness of carers issues within related professions. We regularly provide input into Carer Champion Training which is popular with both those working in carer support and in within wider health and social care settings.

If you think you might be interested in finding out a bit more about ways you could get involved, email us on or phone 0131 322 8480, we’d love to hear from you.

Other useful links:

Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance (SIAA): gives more information on different types of advocacy and groups around Scotland.

Collective advocacy services in Edinburgh for people with mental health difficulties:

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