Services: Transitions Carer

Our Transitions Carer Advocacy Service is a free, confidential and independent advocacy service for carers of people in mental health settings who will be returning to Lothian from ‘out of area’ placements. The service is also available to carers of people currently in mental health settings within Lothian who are in a period of transition.

What is meant by transition?

People with mental health difficulties are likely at some stage to have to move from one service to another – that is, to make a ‘transition’. For example, in some cases the care and treatment that an individual requires cannot be provided locally and they may be assessed for and move to a suitable ‘out of area’ placement. This might be a hospital or specialist unit. After a period, out of area treatment plans may be made for the individual to return to their local area to receive ongoing care and treatment in an appropriate setting.
Transition through mental health services also includes people who may, for example, move from an acute ward to a hospital based rehabilitation setting and, from hospital to the community. It is important to recognise the potential impact transition may have on carers as well as the person they care for.
Carers might:
  • Have specific concerns regarding any proposed move
  • Require information about the new service and the proposed care and treatment
  • Wish to explore and discuss what placement options may be available
  • Need additional information as the care needs of the person they care for change.
  • Experience change in their relationship and level of contact with the person they care for


The aims of our service

  • To provide families and carers with information, advocacy and support to enable them to be as fully involved as they wish in the planning and transition of the person they care for.
  • To promote the health and well-being of families and carers.


How to access our service

Carers and families can contact us directly on 0131 322 8480 and referrals can also be made by professional staff.
Referrals are prioritised according to individual family or carers circumstances, and contact will be made within one week of receipt of the referral.