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Edinburgh Carers Council has developed a series of booklets designed to meet the specific needs of those supporting someone with mental health difficulties.

Over the years, carers have raised particular issues within our individual advocacy service and collectively in groups and meetings. The aim of these booklets is to address some of the most common questions carers ask. We hope carers will feel better informed and more empowered to carry out their role as well as other roles that they carry out under various pieces of legislation, for example, as ‘named person’ under The Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003.


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More Information for Carers

Office of the Public Guardian The OPG provides information for people appointed as Power of Attorney to manage the property and financial affairs of others under the Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000.

Mental Welfare Commission The MWC are an independent body that provide information; reports on standards of care and and advice. They can make investigations and inquiries into someone’s care and treatment if there is a serious concern around their rights and welfare.

Legal services Agency  The LSA have a leaflet about Power of Attorney and a list of new publications on mental health.

Scottish Executive publications

Royal College of Psychiatrists The RCP have a wide variety of book titles, journals and mental health leaflets available to downloads.

Caring Together: The Carers and Young Carers Strategy for Scotland 2010 – 2015
The new National Strategy for Carers outlines   priorities and actions for developments in information, support and training for carers. The Coalition of Carers in Scotland have produced a summary guide of the strategy.You can access this and the full strategy report from If you would like a paper copy of the summary sent to you, please call Coalition of Carers in Scotland on 01786 825 529