Updated local guidance: Carers & PPE

There has been some updated guidance from the local government on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and how to require it if you're caring for someone and providing personal care.

These documents contain a visual guide to help you determine if you require PPE to carry out your caring role and who you should contact if you require a supply.

Please be aware there are two versions of this guidance and these are as follows:

Version 1: PPE guidance for carers who SHARE a living space with the person they care for: (Link to Version 1 here)
Version 2: PPE guidance for carers NOT SHARING a living space with a cared for person: (Link to Version 2 here)

The contact number at the SMART Centre is manned by experienced Occupational Therapists who can help carers in regards to any concerns about the need for PPE for unpaid carers.

If you're needing any help to acquire PPE equipment or would like to speak to someone at Edinburgh Carers Council, please phone our office number on 0131 322 8480 or email info@edinburghcarerscouncil.co.uk.