Research Project

Alice Spann, a PhD researcher from the University of Sheffield, is undertaking research in the area of caring for someone with Dementia and is looking for individuals who may be interested in participating in her study. The actual interviews are likely to take between 1-1.5 hours.

Research project: The potential of technology to help people combine work and looking after (caring for) somebody living with dementia.

"We are investigating how technology can help people to better combine their paid work and unpaid caring responsibilities. As somebody who is looking after a family member, friend or neighbor living with dementia who is also in paid work, we would like to talk to you. Your participation in our study would involve talking about your experience of combining work and care. We would like to hear about the challenges you are facing and what support you receive or need. We would also like to talk about technology, but you don’t need any prior experience with it."

You are eligible if:

• you are in paid work for at least 20 hours per week
• you are caring for somebody with dementia for at least 5
hours per week
• you have been combining work and care for at least 6 months
• the person you are caring for is living in the UK and NOT in residential care

If you meet the requirements and would like to talk, please call or email:

• To schedule the interview:
We appreciate how valuable your time is. We want to make sure that time and place of the interview are to your convenience.
• To sort you into one of 3 study groups:
We will ask you 3 short questions to sort you into one of 3 study groups. These questions concern your autonomy at work.

Please contact:
Mag. Alice Spann BSc, MPH
PhD Researcher
07479 032945