Online (Facebook) Peer Support Group

We've launched a new Facebook group called 'Edinburgh Carers Council: Carers Peer Support Group'.

This has been created in order to allow us all to:

  • stay connected and keep in touch with each other

  • share thoughts, experiences and coping strategies

  • look for advice and find solutions to problems

  • generally support each other!

It will be for any carer of someone with mental health difficulties, a learning disability, autism, dementia or acquired brain injury.

The group is private for the moment in order to protect everyone's confidentiality, so you'll need to request to join the group.

You will also need a Facebook account if you don't already have one. It's easy to join - you can create an account using either a mobile number or email address. Just visit and register. They'll ask you a few questions to set up your profile, and that's it! If you have any problems, please get in touch with - she'd be happy to help!

After creating an account, you can find the group by searching Edinburgh Carers Council: Carers Peer Support Group in the searchbox. It should also be visible from our main ECC Facebook page, under 'Groups'.

Once you've found the group, just click 'join' and you'll be accepted shortly. I'll be moderating the group and accepting requests, so if you have any questions about anything please get in touch by emailing

It's a support group, so although it's okay to ask peers for advice/help with something, if you would like to raise any specific issue that needs some advocacy support, please still phone ECC on 0131 322 8480 or please get in touch with your individual advocacy worker.