Mindfulness Based Living Course for Carers

Mindfulness Based Living Course for Carers starting on Wednesday 8 th March 2017 at The Eric Liddell Centre. The aims of the course – as developed by the Mindfulness Association – is to help develop an in-depth personal experience of mindfulness and to lay the foundations of a sustained personal practice in your personal and professional life. It offers a chance to get a good sense of mindfulness and what it can bring in life, in a relaxed and friendly way. The course consists of an introductory session of two hours followed by eight further sessions of two-hour with the exception of session 6 which is a longer afternoon session to allow to more fully immerse in the practice.
The course is primarily experiential. Each session will include different mindfulness exercises as well as some theory, and a chance to share and reflect on own experiences. This means that we ask you to commit to between 15-30 minutes of daily mindfulness practice at home for the duration of this course. To aid this, all participants will receive a comprehensive Mindfulness Manual and recorded guided practices.
If you would like to enrol for the course please contact Lynda Hay by email lhay@ericliddell.org, leave the slip at Front Reception or call on 0131 447 4520 by 6 th March.