Carers Week Event 2019

Thank you to everyone who managed to come along for our Carers Week event this year, which was held on Friday, 14th June at The Mews.

The day began with a Sleep Workshop, facilitated by Sleep Scotland’s Anna Chrystal. Anna gave a wonderfully fun and informative presentation on the sleep process, and gave carers tips on how to better manage their sleep schedules. We also did a guided meditation and by the end felt very relaxed!

Those who didn’t participate in the sleep workshop got to do art with favourite artist Heather, from Lightbulb Arts, who helped us bring the outside in for this lovely summer weather. She brought along many different kinds of natural materials from her garden which carers could use to create beautiful artwork by threading the grasses and flowers through a woolen frame. Carers also had the opportunity to make scented sachets of lavender and/or rose petals, and practice their still life drawing skills. Please scroll through the lovely pictures!

Carers who participated in the Sleep Workshop had the chance to do some art later in the afternoon as well.

Thanks to everyone – it was really a lovely and relaxing day together.