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The Edinburgh Carers Council is an independent charity that offers collective and individual advocacy in Edinburgh. We pride ourselves on supporting carers and helping them to stay informed and in control of decisions that affect their own personal caring situation.

What carers have said

“Without the support of the Carers Council I do not know how I could have continued with my life as it had reached a totally unmanageable point. From the time I first contacted the CC things began to improve, beginning by speaking with someone who understood the difficulties of taking care of a young person with mental health difficulties, then going on to concentrate on my own long neglected health and wellbeing. The CC have supported me whenever I needed them over many months, have always been there for me, and never let me down. I am forever grateful and would recommend them highly to anyone who takes care of someone with mental health difficulties. They have helped me put my life back on track.”

“Having been with other similar organisations, I can only say Edinburgh Carers Council certainly are a tower of strength and the most professional organisation I have found in all these years. I have now had and am still having their support. When I was sinking they gave me the support to carry on.”

“Thanks for all the support you gave me when my problems with my daughter seemed impossible to solve. You were able to give constructive advice and allow me to be able to cope and also for me to find helpful solutions. The situation has now improved immensely…she is getting the financial help and support that she needs and is with a team which is helping her back to work. At present all is much easier and I can only say I valued your support greatly. Thanks again.”

“Keep up the good work! Thanks for helping me over the years!”

“Your services have consistently exceeded expectations on several occasions.”

“Excellent. A lifesaver. The only support available at a crucial time. Without it things might have been very different.”

“Throughout the past 6 years my advocacy worker was able to offer me support in person; attended meetings which I felt unable to go to ….and attending them with me when she could. She gave support via email and on the phone. I knew I could count on her 100%. Edinburgh Carers Council is a vital organisation to all of those who suffer mental health problems or care for those with mental health problems….I will never forget the help and support you gave me.”

Your feedback is important, if you have used our services recently please consider giving some feedback by emailing us at info@edinburghcarerscouncil.co.uk.

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